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2 baby skunks


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Allen County
An old Amish couple were riding down the road, on a frosty morning, in their 1 horse buggy. Suddenly, the buggy bounced as it ran over something in the road. The old Amish man brought the buggy to a halt and got out to see if there was any damage to the buggy.

When the old man returned to the buggy, he held 2 baby skunks and he handed them to his wife. "Hold these", he says, "we ran over the mother, so we'll have to take them home and raise them, utill they're old enough to be set free."

As they proceeded down the road, the wife said, "I think these baby skunks are cold. They're shivering very badly."

The husband replies, "Why don't you put them under your dress to keep them warm?"

She says, "Well, I suppose I could, but what about the smell?"

He says, "Ahhh...they'll get used to it." :smiley_bril:


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What does an amish woman and a NBA star have in common.

Both only shower after two periods.