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2009 Tagged out in Ohio

I hope to reproduce my 2009 success, as I was tagged out by the end of October.

The last day of October found me hiding inside a blown down tree, next to a logging trail, in the middle of a woods. Just before entering the downed tree, I had spread a daypack of apples along the trail. About 25 minutes later a large doe approached my position and started feeding on the apples.

At first, I thought she was going to eat them all. Then she appeared to take interest in walking past my location at about 10 yards. A tree, in front of me blocked my view, so I drew my bow and waited...and waited. I leaned to the right side and she was eating apples, again. I let the bow down, then she turned to go back the way she'd came. However, when she turned around she got closer and when I leaned to the left side and she was standing at approx. 6 yards.

As she walked away, she was leaving at a severe angle to the left (from right to left). I drew my bow and thought..."I'm gonna have to hit her on the leading edge of her left rear leg to get under her ribs". At the release of the arrow, she bucked her rear legs and ran off the way she'd came.

She quickly returned to a walking pace and was staggering away. I thought I heard her crash, but wasn't sure. Having confidence in the shot placement, I took up the blood trail immediately. I walked about 30 yards before I seen the first few drops of blood. However, the light blood trail quickly turned into an "OJ" murder scene. :smiley_blink:

This doe traveled a little over 80 yards before piling up. The Fuse Banshee broadhead hit her exactly where I aimed. :smiley_bril: Entering on the leading left rear leg and exiting just ahead of the right front shoulder. It took out the liver, left lung and heart. The heavy blood trail had corn and apples in it too.

She weighed approx. 180 lbs. and was a 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 year old doe.
Good hunting, Bowhunter57


Tree Monkey

NW ohio
That is a great story....I have always thought about hunting a tree top from the ground!!...seems like a natural blind and your story proves it.


You know what!!!
Supporting Member
SW Ohio
Nice deer! Those would have also made a cool mount together in an alert pose with one looking over the others shoulder of something. Bet they tasted good too!
finelyshedded said:
Bet they tasted good too!
Odd you should mention this, as I gave the meat from the buck to the landowner. He has several children and he would benefit more from it than I would. He was rather stunned to hear me say that the meat was his to have and it felt good to do so. :smiley_bril:

The meat from the doe, I gave to my brother-in-law, but he gave me some of the "beef" sticks...and they were to die for. Yummmm! :smiley_bbq:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57