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2017- a year of ups and downs.

I decided this year that I wasn’t going to hunt much early season unless a cold front came thru. So I only made it out a few times before late October. I wanted to keep my spots fresher since they are all hunted by others also. I had only had a couple of decent bucks in trailcam but they usually show up at some point starting late October.
I first got this guy late October over a scrape. I had his pics last year also. It would be the first of many pics.

I also had this buck return at a different farm. He put on some inches too. Unfortunately he got slaughtered by a group of 20 guys and ten trucks during second gun. They pushed him out of the woods They didn’t have permission for. So at least I knew a couple nice ones were around.

My vacation was 11-02 thru 11-12 so I started hunting hard then. There was a ton of standing corn this year up yet then but you just gotta be out there.
Well I got settled on 11-04 in to a stand at corner of woods by crp and standing corn. The farmer was taking off the rest of the cornfield north of the woods. He finished an hour before dark so I figured things would get good. The does popped out of the standing corn east of the crp and were feeding in cut field. I was watching them and out of the corner of my eye I see a big body and rack with a long g2 and 3 coming from behind me thru woods to crp. I already knew he was a shooter but wasn’t sure what buck it was and honestly didn’t care, lol. He was at ten yards already but the wind was perfect. Luckily there is a small scrape right there and he stopped to check it. I got the bow off the hanger and was all set up and waiting for him to turn. He did and I stopped him and put it on him and shot at 15 yards. Well I rushed it a bit due to buck fever, dumb mistake but it happens. I knew I hit liver area and did not get a pass thru. He was broadside pretty much and not big deal because I knew he would be dead given the time. Well problem is , rain forecasted at 1 am that night and 3” of rain forecast for next day. So we waited 4 hours to pick up the track. Great spraying blood thru the crp and when he got to edge of woods it just stopped. We searched all over and nothing. Ended up walking that edge of woods out that night and we Grid searched the whole woods and crp in the pouring rain the next day with a friends dog and nothing. Even walked half of the standing corn around woods and no sign. I was beyond bummed out screwing up a chip shot and not recovering him. I haven’t lost a deer in over ten years probably. I’ll finish this story...
Well I went thru the mind games of kit wanting to hunt but got back in the saddle two days later after searching all over for him. I actually sat the same stand on 11-08. Their was still some standing corn 400 yards to the north. A couple does popped out followed by a couple nice bucks. They ended up in the standing corn. 15 minutes later the doe and one buck came out feeding. For some reason the buck started walking back toward the woods by himself. Guess she wasn’t ready. I smiled cause I knew he should respond to a grunt call. Well he stopped 75 yards from woods and 150 yards from me. I grunted and he looked my way. Grunted again and it was on. He came running towards me. He stopped short to work a scrape and then started trotting again and I could t slow him down for a shot in my shooting lanes. He walked into Crp and stood broadside at what I was guessing 35 yards. Pulled my rangefinder out and nothing. Wouldn’t work. Just used it 45 minutes earlier. Damn it. Didn’t want to wound another buck so i tried to get him closer. Grunted and he came walking straight in. Wasn’t taking that shot either. He walked back to edge of standing corn and crp. I knew that was 55 Yards. He was alert and just didn’t want to shoot that far. He walks into corn a few rows and stands there. I got can call out and it sounded like a dying sheep. lol. Threw it back in bag and grabbed the buck roar and thought what the hell , I’ll try a snort wheeze. Well that was the trick. He walked right out and was coming back. He started trotting again and I thought oh crap not again. I got him to a walk and put one thru the boiler room at 10 yards. What a rush to call a buck in like that twice. Guess sometimes it’s just meant to be. What a redemption but still felt awful about that other one knowing it was a deadly shot. He ended up being my best buck and should net OHio big buck at 141-142”. He will get scored next week.

Fast forward to opening day of gun season and my brother and I went to same corner of woods in a blind we set up. We ended up doubling up on does that the farmer kicked out of the standing corn field to the north. We watched them go in there that morning. He just started combining at 945 and they came right back to the woods. Well my brother calls the guy in combine and says thanks for kicking them out. We walk back to my brothers house 1/4 mile away to get ranger and ten minutes later the farmer calls back and says he hit a dead buck with his combine. Sure enough we go look and it’s the buck from earlier I shot. Called he game warden and he gave me a carcass tag. Nice guy. First time I dealt with him since he is pretty new.
I think when we walked the woods back out he was laying in there and we pushed him north to that standing corn. He was only laying a few rows in and right behind a house. Never thought he woulda went that way because he was going opposite way after the shot. I woulda let him lay over night if that rain wasn’t coming but with all that crp and standing corn around I couldn’t risk losing the blood trail. Woulda been a needle in a haystack search. He ended up scoring 151” gross. Left g2 was 12” and had 25” beams.

I also host a couple guys from Vermont the last few years. One guy got a decent 8 and the other guy passed up some smaller deer. And another friend got the big 8 last night. Both of their best backs ever. I enjoy seeing other guys get them almost as much as me. Lol. Best year I’ve ever had all around. Sorry for the long winded story.

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Finally had a chance to read this! Nice work man. With the rain, I’d say you did the right thing, or at least the same thing I would’ve done.