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2018 2019 Goals thread


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NW Ohio
Thankful nobody has started this yet. I believe I have been fortunate enough to start it nearly every year. 30-40 days out seems like a good time to share our goals for deer season.

1) Be thankful and thank God for every hunt.
2) Enjoy each hunt and come home safe.
3) Ensure the freezer is filled.
4) Bucks? I don't know. User to say things like "shoot a bigger one than my biggest" or "shoot a mature buck". At this point in my hunting career, I don't care if I shoot one at all. Don't take that wrong, I'd like to, but I guess if one trips my trigger I'll shoot it. "Target bucks" rarely work out. Some history with a deer you tag is really cool though.
5) Whatever I loose an arrow at, I want to make a good shot. Quick, clean, ethical kills.
6) As always, I'd love to further fuel the fire in my son's belly. Seems no matter how hard I try it smolders out. I'll keep trying whenever he shows interest. Not pushing him.
7) Enjoy the hunts with friends and family. My Cousin Bubba is coming from NC to hunt this fall. I'd love him to take some meat home. Hope to help him and my friends drag out some deer.


Southern Ohio
Mine hasn't changed in the last three years.

My days are numbered as far as how much longer I'll be able to hunt the way I like TOO. I target some of the most mature bucks in my area that will challenge my hunting skills. I have and will continue to do so, let many bucks walk. I target does TOO! There are a variety of reasons why I do that.

My goals for fair chase harvests:
  • fill all three tags
  • target specific bucks & does
  • take a buck with bow
  • take a doe with shotgun
  • take a doe with muzzleloader
  • never force a shot
  • take pride in making an ethical shot
  • get it all on film
Enjoy my time in Mother Nature as always...


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Mine are pretty simple this year.

1. Be thankful for every opportunity I get to be in the woods.
2. Hunt smart and hunt safely. Return home after each hunt.
3. Kill a deer with my recurve.
4. Spend as much time with friends and family in the woods as possible, especially with my dad and brother. This is one I haven't been very good at the past few years. Life is busy and I'm not making enough time for the people that mean the most to me.

Everything else is a bonus. I have at least 3, maybe 4, bucks on my radar that are 130" and above. I would love to punch a tag on one of these bruisers but I try not to get too hung up on it. I enjoy each and every hunt for what it is, no matter whether I bring home backstraps or antlers or not. Just simply having the ability to go hunt and having access where I do is enough to make me a happy man.


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Be humble.

So much in this game isn’t a guarantee. Hunting properties, who we share the hunt and stories with, the game. The hunting has changed so much that the roots have been lost. This year I just want to stay humble and thankful for everything I do have and have had. Having my local meat spot taken from me this year by something out of my control has hit me hard. Maybe I needed it, everything happens for a reason...some could say it humbles a man.

Good luck this year everyone. I hope everyone finds exactly what they’re after.


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I complicated my hunting career for over a decade with goals. Keeping it simple has restored the desire to be out there.
  1. Have fun.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Stay in the moment.
  4. Hunt smart.
  5. Hunt hard.
First and foremost, it has to be fun. I've been trying some new things and hunting new places the past few years and that's been enjoyable. I've also lost all expectation of being a routine big buck slayer, so that's helped with the overall enjoyment too. Obviously staying safe and returning home to my family is important. Last year, I learned from Giles and really tried to enjoy each moment I was on stand for what it was and it tied in well to not having lofty expectations. I had some great hunts last year thanks to that shift in mindset.

The last two are the ones that keep the competitive part of me fed. I want to make good decisions on where/when to hunt, then learn to live with the results, whatever they may be. Starting with a smart decision makes hunting hard a little easier. I want to hunt some public ground this year and go way back in. I plan to sit longer and be as observant as possible. More glassing, less reading. If I make good decisions on when/where to hunt and I hunt hard while I'm there, I'll leave satisfied and that'll feed right back into Goal #1.


Southern Ohio
My goal is pretty simple, get a few days on stand. I've not lost the desire, but the physical ability is slipping. I took a bad fall square on my back in early July and tore it up pretty good. I have hopes of hunting a little with my grandson, but we will see.
Hope you get to feeling better soon and get that opportunity to get out with your grandson.

Best of luck to you!
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4 days until season opener here in Oregon! My goals are to fill the freezer and explore some new country. I’m doing my first solo backpack hunt for 5 days 5-10 miles back in the Eagle Cap Wilderness over Labor Day and hopefully won’t get myself killed. I’ve been training my ass off all summer. I’ll be chasing archery elk and mule/blacktail deer in Oregon, archery mule deer and maybe elk in New Mexico, rifle/archery whitetail in Georgia in December, and hopefully archery rutting mule deer in Arizona. Should be fun! Good luck fellas!