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2018 shrooms

Licking Co.
not sure what those are, but they look quite a lot like Shaggy Mane's, which are quite delicious. ate a shit ton of those when I was moose hunting in Newfoundland. dang things grow in the middle of old logging roads like weeds.
Licking Co.

The summer Solstice has always marked the beginning of the countdown to hunting season for me. it also happens to be my wedding anniversary, and now I have another good reason to revere the longest day of the year.

having read that Chanterelles are around from mid June to mid August, I went to check my honey holes today and found enough for dinner tonight, but also saw tons of tiny little golden buttons coming up. this is the earliest I've ever bothered to look for them, but they are up now and obviously just getting started. we put up 70 half pints of Chant's last year in less than four weeks. didn't pick a mushroom until July 20 or so. if the crop is anywhere near as bountiful as last year, we should be able to put up 100 half pints. I'll be packing about half of them in pint jars this time as I used whole pints of these for many things.

Licking Co.
rained out today from working at my paying job, but mushroom season in full swing for me. Chanterelles aplenty today. plus a bonus find of a nice fresh, young glob of Chicken-of-the-Woods. first time I've ever found them in a condition worth eating, so I brought them home. sliced, sautéed in butter with a bit of fresh garlic. this is friggin' magnificent fungus. very tender, earthy/nutty flavor. I'll be looking hard for these anytime I'm out from now on. foraging for food beats the shit out of painting houses and the pay is almost as good:)

this is a large beach towel. I got about 20lbs of Chanterelles today. chicken of the woods in lower right corner.


cleaned and separated into manageable pieces.

sliced thin and sautéed in butter



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Mt. Cory Hancock County
Looks great. I have a buddy who gives me bunches of Hen of the Woods every year. Yesterday while putting out a trail cam, i found 2 softball size puffballs in the landowners lower yard, which used to be pasture. But alas, they were a few days too far gone, with a tint of green inside and pretty spongy. Definitely gonna keep my eyes peeled now