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2019 Buckeyes Football Thread


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Mt. Cory Hancock County
Harbaugh better hope they win the bowl game.
He ain't going anywhere. He aint getting fired. In all reality, what is Michigan? They are and have always been a 10-2 9-3 type team except 1997. We dont and never have gotten the talent that OSU gets. Granted, he should beat them atleast once in awhile. OSU, BAMA, CLEMSON. UGA, and LSU are machines right now. From recruiting standpoint, they should be. They just get athletes on another level


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True. But why? Pre-Urban, the same was true for OSU. We weren't recruiting at a level to keep us competitive, but UM changed that. I really hoped Harbaugh would change that for Michigan. It only helps OSU. I don't see Columbus settling for 0-5 and I'd expect Ann Arbor to get restless if they lose in the bowl.


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Linn County Iowa
Im referring to the administration's attitude towards sports. Harbaugh generates a shitload of revenue. As long as he doesn't get involved in a scandal, he has a job for life
Guess I didn’t know the admin forces them to only target academic all Americans for football scholarships!
I believe they get just as many scholarships as the other D1 schools.
Go Bucks!! 😂


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Licking Co.
Problem with Michigan is they pride themselves as an academic institution first and foremost.
sorry, but that doesn't compute.

NCAA football D1 academic progress rating for 2018: Michigan 990, OSU 982, for 2019 OSU 987, Michigan 982. these ratings are based on 1000 possible, 930 or below and they are in academic trouble with NCAA. Suggesting that Michigans' football program is suffering because academics standards are getting in the way is laughable. comparing these ratings is tantamount to splitting hairs, anyway. Michigan cannot keep up in recruiting and has an inferior coaching staff. Jim Harbaugh has not recruited a top level QB, despite being a QB/offense oriented guy himself. Why?

As I was reading about these academic progress ratings I was surprised by some of the powerhouse football schools rankings. Notably, Bama and Clemson among the best, LSU and Georgia among the worst.

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