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2019 Fishing Contest


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This will be pretty much similar like how we do with deer contest. Adults and youth are welcome to join. I will figure out how many will join and split it up in different groups. As of right now the contest starts and will end September 22nd. The group with most points will receive the The Ohio Outdoors Bass sign and bass T-Shirt. Good Luck out there.

Here are the points for the fish you must have to catch.

Trout = 1 point

Bass (Large mouth/Small mouth)
2 points..... an extra point if over 12 inches

Bass (Spotted Bass) 3 points

Catfish -
Blue 5 points
Yellow Bullhead 10 points
Channel/Flathead 3 points-----> an extra point if over 24" Channel/Flathead only.

Walleye 1 point

Saugeye 1 point

Crappie 3 points (Youth only)

Perch 3 points (Youth only)

Bluegill 3 points (Youth only)