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2019 Strouds Hoodie


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S.W. Ohio
It has been decided that we are going to do a hoodie for Strouds this year. Here is the design, ignore the colors:

Here is the front. We moved the URL from the bottom to curved over the top.

Here is the back:

We are able to offer two color choices. Dark gray with white writing and blaze orange with black writing. This will be a mid weight hoodie. Prices are as follows:

$22 for Small-XL
$24 for XXL
$26 for XXXL

That is including flag on sleeve.
The orders and $ need to be in by Tuesday October 1st. If you have any questions let me know.

Send payment to my PayPal. Please make sure you use the friends and family method so as not to incur a fee. If you insist upon giving PayPal their due adjust your payment to include the fee. Thank you.

My PayPal account is Dustinb80@gmail
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Ross County, Ohio

Put me down for large in the dark grey.

I'll pick it up there and pay for it or let me know if I have to do something different, thanks!