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2020/2021 Harvested Deer Only


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Wood Co.
Monday and Sunday of firearms week. .350 Legend AR Platform. Williams Co.
Can't wait for muzzleloader.


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Fairfield Co.
50cal Knight in-line Muzzleloader converted to the 209 ignition system with a Federal 209 percussion cap, Blackhorn Propellant Powder 100 grains, Barns 290 grain Spite-Fire TMZ copper polymer tip boat-tail sabot,
Shot a Doe @60 yards @7:57 a.m. w/ a 65yrd. recovery.

The following is field photography and video clips of my setup, my first muzzy hunt on the opener of 2021, today's hunt, the harvest and more.

Video description:

The video starts off with my 'Big Mike' pop-up ground blind setup that I placed on 12/30/2020 in the afternoon. Then it will show my first mzzy hunt on the opener of 1/02/2021 in the evening where I could have shot a young deer, but I passed on him.

Finally, it will show today's morning hunt where I shot a nice doe at 7:57 a.m at 60 yards within a field Tactacam video capture, however you will also see and hear that I made a very simple rookie mistake as well, but I maintained my composure and placed a heck of a shot on her. Recovery was approximately 60-70 yards, double lung.

The remainder of the video are other encounters while waiting just over an hour to go retrieve the deer, which were a couple of more deer and 20 wild turkeys just outside my blind for about 15 minutes.

Then of course, the tail gate photograph after packing everything up by 11:30 a.m. sharp.

While driving home, I came across a young bald eagle as well.

The video ends with the hero shot.

This deer harvest closes out my 2020/21 deer season with the state maximum bag limit of 6. It is also my very second deer muzzy harvest and my second year in a row of a Ohio Slam, harvesting 6 deer by way of compound bow, shotgun and then of course, muzzleloader.

Landowner will get one of the deer harvests from off the property, one will go to my in-laws and another will be donated to a local needy family in town.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!



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Clark county

Tagged out now and the freezer is full. Doe taken tonight with the Excalibur micro 335 with slick trick xbow trick 150 grain broadhead, 17 yard shot. First time I’ve tagged out ever. Was hunting hard for my target buck but he’s disappeared for 8 days now and seasons getting short, needed the meat for the freezer. Thankful to harvest her. Dog did great job on another track job, I knew she was dead about 60-70 yards from the shot but figured some more training for him wouldn’t hurt.