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2020 Velvet Thread (watch them grow)

Bucks are hitting the minerals and bone is growing in this crazy year we call 2020 - life in the ol'world is going on just fine without us hoomans.

Post up your interesting, wow, or curious pics of fuzzy bone.

I'll start with this one, can't quite tell but I think it's a mature buck (gray eyebrows) that gave me the slip and wants to play peek-a-boo until I have a bow in hand.... lol.



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I was out with the weed whacker today working around my pop up & a few shooting lanes & almost stepped on a fawn. One of my
cams was right there & snapped a pic of the fawn running away. Anyway, I just went back out to check the cam & just in the last few days I've been getting fawns & a few bucks. This sequence was kinda interesting ....