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2022 Ohio State Buckeyes


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Williams and the punter get game balls from me on O and ST, and Mike Hall, Jr. is the man of the night! This was a refreshing start to the season actually. Big win to learn from, and I get to see them open up the playbook again Toledo in 2 weeks. The 2 championships they've won in my life, I saw them play in the regular season and as a superstitious SOB, I've got my fingers crossed 🤞!
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SW Ohio
OL needs to improve a lot, 79 killed us. Where’s our TE’s? They must be utilized in passing game to keep defenses from stacking the box. Chip blocks with the inside slants were killer for us last couple years. Can’t be missing 33 yard FG’s either. Love the play of our LBers for a change. Hope they keep getting better though.
Great test against a very quality team. Marcus Freeman will do great things with that program.
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Missed the first quarter. Second quarter didn't impress me. Looked better in second half. And to be transparent, I was pretty distracted watching most of the second half. Worked all night. Tired. Catching up on calls and work stuff. Maybe I'm being overly harsh or unrealistic.

Penalties need to be reduced. Open field tackling in the first half was not great. Fleming (all 155lbs) had a stellar first half. He should not have been a factor. He flat beat our DBs more than once and made them miss a ton of tackles.

Just a few observations. Not saying we were horrible. I am nit picking details of items they need to clean up to be a National Championship team.

We, as Buckeye fans, tend to expect perfection from 18-23yr old kids. It isn't fair, but that is where the bar has been set. A win is a win and something to build on. Let's hope we continue to mesh as a team and steadily improve.


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It was a fine second game. We are getting better the more we play. That is how it is supposed to work. Continue to get better every chance you have.
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Dont care if we have iu penn wisconsin the shits up north alabama or toledo. All the same the rest of the day remains for OH! GO BUCKS!
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