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2nd Try Tree Stand Church Service

I am just sitting in my pue (sp?) just waitin on Pastor Buck to give the early sunrise sermon. I am so excited wonder what he is gonna talk about this sunday? I hope this wind doesn't keep him from.comming today, it shouldn't mess his hair up too bad. Pastor Buck will be happy with my offering that I will drop in his collection plate!
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Dang Pastor buck stood me up..., although I did find something interesting. I saw 2 deer go underneath my other tree stand. That. I was originally gonna set in this morning I talked myself out of it. I have a habit of that. I was walking out and I checked a deer scrape and there was a pool of blood in it with clots all over. So I gotta go ass to ass clown that also hunts this would if you shot a deer from stand.
It was just blood and blood clots.....

Thats what I thought too....because my climber stand all the padding was messed up on it...the all the padding on the arms was on the bottom and the chair straps were messed up too! It was almost like that is where the head laid or the wound seaped blood.
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