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FOR SALE 3pt chipper

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NW Ohio
Here is the deal. I haven't used this in the last 2-3 years. At this point it is taking up room and i do not foresee me using it in the near future. I am selling an old and seriously heavy duty 3pt chipper. The thing has something like 6 belts to turn the flywheel. I have run it with my 30HP tractor but i am not sure you would want much smaller of a tractor to run it. It was built by Royer which I believe is out of WI. It is nothing like the throw-away Chinese junk ones being built today. Well. . . it looks similar, but it is quality and not junk. It has tires for transporting it, but they are garbage. Not sure how large a branch it will take so I will say conservatively 3" limbs. I am sure it is probably more but anything larger than that and I cut to length and burn in my wood burner. I am asking $1200 or reasonable offer.


  • IMG00546-20110328-1329 chipper opening.jpg
    IMG00546-20110328-1329 chipper opening.jpg
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    IMG00548-20110328-1331 chipper tag.jpg
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    IMG00547-20110328-1330 chipper flywheel.jpg
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