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WTB 4-5' Box Tiller


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I'm about to be in the market for a box tiller. I have access to a disc, but I'd love to have a tiller. Not sure what the budget is at this point, but I'm gonna say sub $1,500. I'd buy used if it came from a trusted sort. Got a 45hp PTO, so no bigger than 5 foot.

Keep an eye out if you wouldn't mind. And educate me if you have any suggestions!


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Tillers are great, when you've got good soil to till. If you're thinking about tilling virgin soil, make sure you have plenty of shear pins because hard ground will beat a tiller to death. Virgin ground... plow first, then tiller or disc. After that, you should be able to just run the tiller each year I'd say. I tried running a tiller on a virgin hillside this past summer... it made it about 25 yds before half of the tines slid out from under it LOL.


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you can go much bigger with 45 HP than 5 foot...it will be cheaper for you to buy a plow and a new disc than it will be to buy a tiller. you will still need the plow regardless as hardpan will develop and you will need to break that up...200 for a decent set of plows and 600 for a disk....


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I'm with Milo on this one, in my experience of farming with small to mid size tractors, we never used the tiller we had, rather the plow and disc.

Jesse, does you county or a county near you have a consignment sale auction? Ours draws crowds from several counties (it's the Carhartt Convention) and would be a good place to look for something like that. Craigslist Farm/Garden section would be my other suggestion


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Sunbury, OH
We have a 6' Case that gets pulled behind a Farmall 45 Compact and it does a great job. It really works the ground but....for just putting in plots I would go with a good plow and disc set up.

The only reason we have it is because they practically threw it in when he bought the tractor used (1 y/o). TThe only thing we have used it for is to redo some larger flower areas out front and the gardens.



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Jesse- I really only use my tiller for my garden. Now a disc I have found to be not quite heavy enough on some soils. The one my buddy used at his place was heavy enough, but he wasn't using the same sized equipment you and I are. Tillers can be bought brand new at TSC in your price range. In fact, this time of the year you might find one on sale as they are trying to blow them out. Another brand to consider if looking new or used is Coroni. I may not have that spelled correctly. Maybe Caroni? Good stuff too. Mine is an old Howards Rotovator. Probably older than I am, but built like a tank. Good luck finding one.


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I'd say...get a 6" disc and you should be good. For plots you only need to chew up the top 3-4 inches of soil. No real need for a plow. I had one and sold it because I never needed it. The disc did all the work. $ 600.00 is about the going rate for the disc.