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A burning building with a blonde, a brunet and a redhead


Senior Member
Allen County
On top of this burning building is a blonde, a brunet and a redhead. Shortly, the firetrucks appear and the firemen stretch out a blanket and yell up to the brunet to jump.

The brunet jumps and just before she would've been caught, the firemen jerk the blanket away. She smacks on the sidewalk and is flat as a pancake. :smiley_confused_vra

The blonde and the redhead are shocked and apauled by this, but the firemen yell up to the redhead to jump and they'll catch her. She hesitates, but the firemen yell up to her and say that they didn't really like brunets anyway, but they really like redheads. So, the redhead jumps.

Just before she was to be caught, the firemen quickly shift to one side and she hits the pavement and splatters like a watermelon.

The blonde is in hysterics, despite the firemens' yelling for her to jump and refuses their calls. "JUMP! JUMP!", they keep yelling.

"NO WAY!", yells the blonde. "I've seen how this works! Just lay the blanket on the ground and step back away from the blanket." :smiley_chinrub: