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A Hen Turkey, dusting herself


Senior Member
Allen County
I seen a hen turkey "dusting" herself, in a freshly planted soybean field. Hanging out, close by, were 8 Canadian Geese watching this behavior. :unsure: The geese seemed concerned about their feathered friend and gathered around in a semi-circle to make sure the turkey was okay. 🦃

The hen stood up and noticed she was being watched by the geese. She fluffed her feathers and flapped her wings a bit. The geese seemed to walk away, unconcerned, as if everything was fine. :)
Then suddenly the hen flopped to the ground and started the process all over again. :ROFLMAO: The geese turned to watch this display in bewilderment. o_O
I was laughing so hard!!! Wildlife critters can be so entertaining, at times. :cool: