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A Little BH Family Traditional History

When my dad passed I was able to get some of his past traditional archery history. Feels good to hold them in my hands and perhaps some day I will string them up to shoot but for now they will stay the way they are. Partly because I’m afraid of breaking them.

The first is a longbow that he said he grew up shooting. No string and no markings to know anything more about it. This one I’d definitely be nervous about stringing up.


The next bow is the recurve I remember my dad taking hunting years before I started. He would cover the limbs with camo sleeves and used it to kill his first ever deer as well as several others. I can remember trying to pull it back years ago and barely be able to budge it. It’s a Shakespeare Wonderbow Necedah 55/28




The last bow was my dads tournament recurve. I was able to shoot this bow several times back before I started hunting. I can even remember my mom shooting it in the back yard and remembering how cool that was because I didn’t know girls could shoot 🤣 I can still picture my dad shooting it and shooting it so very well. The unique thing about it is it has a built in adjustable sight pin. It’s a Bear Polar 32 lb





brock ratcliff

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Awesome Chuck! Those are very nice keepsakes to have. The Bear was state of the art, top-line tournament gear. Things have moved along quite a ways in a short period of time.
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