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a little collection from today


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Crawford county
checked the cams for the last time before season today.
the moultres batteries gave out on the fourteenth, which is also the same time as the primos mysteriously "turned itself off". Not sure what happened there but it was taking pictures up until wendsday and when i got to it today it was off altogether. the battery indicater was still saying 60% but I think the batteries must have been old when i started and the life isnt what it should be.

anyway here is a collection of the pics that came from the first few days of last week


The 10 point seems to be a regular anymore

we have a new buck in the area

finally a buck at the corn pile

a little more attention at the corn pile. I think this is becoming a scrape site.

pulled the cam from the cornpile and turned the primos back on. will let ya all know what happens next week.


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Does look like he needs some groceries. Nice pictures though, reassuring that you are getting consistent pictures of that buck! Whack 'em!