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A little help her please.


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Back to my tiller project. Some of you may recall my old roto-tiller had some problems last spring. I couldn’t be with out a tiller right in the beginning of the garden season so I went out and bought a new one. Well in one of our slow moments last June Tim and I tore the old one apart to fix it. Tim is my neighbor that has become a good friend and helps a lot in the garden. We share in the cost and the bounty. I also have another friend that has his own garden. All three of us get together and can our produce in the fall. We make it a good time. (Meaning we drink beer)

Well now it is January and I have all my other important projects done and thought it was time to finish this project. Now please don’t ask me what all the other projects were or why they were so important.

The problem I have now is... Well if you have been reading this so far, you might have caught a couple facts here that could lead up to problems. 1. It was 7 months ago that we tore this thing apart and 2. we drink beer.

Here are some pictures of what I have found so far.

This last photo shows the new shaft I made and the new bearings I got to replace the ones that wore out. They were more like steel bushings. I couldn’t buy replacement ones so I had to fabricate a mount for the new ones.

The new shaft with the good bearings should last until the rest of the tiller falls apart. That is assuming I ever get it back together.

One last thing.... Have any of you ever worked at a roto-tiller assembly plant?


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Internet or library for a manual on reassembling..... and note too self take pictures of the disassembling process lol....


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
Good luck!! I took apart a gun for the first time and got busy. 2 years later when I got back to it I could not remember how it went back together. I called a buddy who had the same model. He said he was too busy hand trenching a gas line to the barn to work on it. I told him you put the gun together and I'll do the trenching. To me that was a great deal!


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Well Tim came over and we worked all day on the tiller. We had it almost all the way back together. When we noticed that the lever that controls the drive wasn't working right.

So we took it all the way apart. I was not happy. We got the gears put back right and started re-assembly. It wont be to bad now that we figured it all out. I want to get a new belt then I will finish the project next weekend. I hope!

Of course a few beers died in the process.


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Only having to take it apart once is a pretty good accomplishment considering the circumstance. Hell.. Half the time I put something back together i have to take it apart at least one even if i just disassembled it an hour ago.. And if it's spring loaded you can forget it. Spring loaded crap is a redneck DIYs worst nightmare.. You know the deal. Remove the bolts. Start to slide off the cover and it God awful racket like it just flew apart on the inside... SHIT....

The major surprise is that you were able to locate every bolt and part after such a time period. Like my dad always said.. You know it's done right when you have parts or bolts leftover. :)


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Don't need any manual! All put back together. This is my good friend Tim. He helped me put it back together.

Here is a picture of the new bearings and shaft. I had to trim the tubing that the tines are on because the new berrings are out farther than the original.


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Dale- It won't help. You don't have Tim to help. lol Tim is a good dude. I have known him for years.