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A little homework help


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Short story - I'm suppose to interview 10 people and ask them "What does Public Relations mean to you? (Define and explain)" for my class. Since I'm lazy I figured that I'd just put it up here and run the risk of getting all smart ass remarks, which, if they are funny, I will include them. And then I realized that by doing these interviews with people outside the Grove City bubble, I'm actually improving the project.

So...What does Public Relations mean to you?


the carreer i wish i had , being a p.r guy , i do alot of public relations work , at the paylake i love doing it ,it means i get to get out of the normal routine and walk around talking with people , i have actually turned my daughter's into mini p.r people . if the my girrls are at one of the tournaments , and we dont walk around the lake and say hi to every one , then people start yelling cause they didnt get to see the munchkins , not only do i get to do it at the lake , but anywhere i go , p.r follows me , cause i find myself talking about paylakes , or websites , or forums , so i think of myself as a non paid , amature , wish i could be one , public relations person

for a defanition , in my words ,a legal pimps assistant , they are paid to draw bussines in for theyre boss


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Saying and doing what is politically correct, even if it isn't the truth, the logical answer, or makes 90% of the people mad, simply to appease a 10% minority. Because while pandering to a 10% minority and pissing of 90% of everyone else is more socially acceptable than pissing off the minority.


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PR to me is a marketing strategy for a product be it Wylers Lemonade, POTUS, or yourself. It seems to me that the success of PR is more dependant on what to do and when than other aspects. Public relations is confused alot with advertising, merchandising, promotion, and such. It is all about image and what you want your "customer" to think about your "product".

Public relations, can be thought of as the process that delivers your news to the people you want to reach through many resources be it a press release, glad handing, internet article or interview.

What it usually boils down to is a product release, newsworthy updates or damage control.

And it takes a great BS artist to pull it off more times than not.



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Presenting your product, company or organization in the most appealing light to the chosen (targeted)demographic thus creating a desire or feeling of good will. Each demographic will have different needs, desires and concerns. Good PR will utilize (capitalize) those wants and needs to promote their goods or services.

Good PR is very much done like marketing and sales.
Its the same church... Just a different pew.
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PR is letting people in on what is behind the product. Carefully crafting the best foot forward for the public to see...because after all, people buy what is behind the product, not just the widget itself. I want to know who is behind what I buy. That creates loyalty. PR is defining yourself to the public before they have a chance to define you in your absence.


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This kinda goes along with Jack's post, but from a different perspective. In the coaching world PR exists as well. A good PR coach can be good, but usually loses games. They usually do what will please people such as play certain teams or certain kids. They say what people want to hear and don't speak from the heart for fear of offending someone.

So, in a nutshell, if you're good at PR you are a good ass kisser.

Here's another example from the athletic side. Team X pays a shitload of money for Brett Favre to QB. Good PR is playing him regardless of performance because he's getting paid so much. Bad PR is benching him and playing the backup that makes peanuts.

Of course, the good or bad PR varies from person to person. I want the best guy to play. People paying the bill wants the guy earning the most to play.

Bottom line... And I've learned this coaching... You can't make everyone happy. As long as you know you're making the right decision it's all that matters. My first couple years I worried about PR. I worried about parents' perception of me. Now? I don't give a fugg about them. I'm there for the kids. My PR is relating to them and helping them succeed.


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If I told you how many times I have heard the academic integrity speech...

I can ask a few friends!


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You've been given some great advice here. I agree with a lot of what has been said already. The only thing I will add is that PR has become increasingly less interpersonal and I believe that is harmful to the true essence of PR. I am trying to move into a new position here at work that would essentially be a PR spot. IMO, a landman should be on the ground acting as the PR man for the company. I should be out there managing the relationships we hold with the public. What that relationship entails is vastly different depending on the company, product, and strategy behind both of those. To successful manage public relations, you need to have your pulse on the public and know how to relate to them in the most effective and beneficial way possible. For us, it would be sending a Redneck like me out into the sticks of WV to deal with landowners. My interpesonal skills will allow me to manage relations far better than has been done in the past IMO. So we'll see how that goes!!!