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All-day sit?


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I was wondering what you guys thought about the activity going on given the weather and whether or not it would be beneficial to sit out all day. I've got the option to do so on Friday.

I'm debating sitting all day at one farm, or breaking it up by hunting one farm in the morning and another in the evening.


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With the clear skies around here over the past few days, most of my activity happens at night. If you choose to sit all day in my neighborhood the peak times would be 10:30am (for a leg stretch) and 6:30 pm. Most deer are sleeping when I crawl into the stand to hunt mornings. That should all change in 2 weeks.


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Massillon, Ohio
I have noticed in the mornings I havent seen too much at all, everything I have seen is in the evenings.

But, If I had your schedule, I would be out there as much as possible.


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Hudson, OH
I have noticed in the mornings I havent seen too much at all, everything I have seen is in the evenings.

Same here. Have yet to see a deer in the morning from the stand. Everything I have seen has been evening.

Steve, as others have said, if I were you and my schedule allowed, I would sit all day.


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Thanks for the advice guys. I guess we're getting close enough that anything could happen. I'll see what happens on Thursday but am leaning towards an all day sit on Friday and hunt the other property Sunday morning.


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Swanton, Ohio
I am a nervous Nell. I can't remember the last time I sat all day in one stand, I don't think I ever have. If I plan to be out all day I set 2-3 stands in the same area and move between them. I can sit 4-5 hours if I am lucky without losing focus. I need to piss, stretch my legs and look at some other real estate, even if it is only a couple hundred yards away. I give credit to you guys that can sit in a tree all day, I can't. Ground blind maybe.


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Not sure how the weather is supposed to be in your place, but here Friday looks to be the best day for an all dayer. The temps look like they are in the 50's. The full moon should be close then as well... I think (if you put any stock in that). I looked up this evening and it looked like we were 3 days away from a full moon.


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I usually won't do any all-day sits until the last week of October, so I probably wouldn't sit all day on Friday. However, there's always a chance, even if it's incredibly slim, that a monster buck can walk through during any given time.... soooooooooo, I don't know bud... if you've got limited time to hunt this fall, you might as well take advantage of it.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I've never been able to sit past 10 or so unless im seeing deer. But with the cold snap we've had and with all the crops being off up here... I think im gonna have a give it a try a few times.

Should be a little easier now that I have a stand that is more comfortable.... but I've never been the type of person that has the patience and the ability to sit still.

Good luck on your hunts Ernie!

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I love all day sits. The key is being comfy. If I'm in my climber, I can make it from dawn to dusk. I take a lunch and piss bottle and I'm set.
However, I doubt I could make it all day in my ladder stand. It's not quite as comfy.
Heck, in my climber, I could even dose off and take a little snooze about noon.


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I plan to be out all day this weekend. I have seen alot of movement during midday and my biggest buck is moving ALOT during midday. I prefer all day hunts when I can do it. Less moving around to disturb the deer.


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If you are just trying to make the best of your available time I suppose you could sit all day...I usually wait to pull all dayers till the end of oct and thru early Nov. Sometimes I just can't stand it and get down at 1130 and grab a sanwich and switch stands and try and get back up by 1...I'd be better off sittin all day probably but I can only do it a few times a yr under ideal conditions.


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Gods Country
What ever you decide to do, best of luck to you Steve. Enjoy your time in the woods and be safe.