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Almost... Again!


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If you've seen my trail cam pics you know that a 10 point that we had on camera early in the season has returned. I've never seen him in person until tonight.
Kody and I were sitting in the heart of buck country. Rubs are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. This is where we relocated the camera and got our most recent pics.
About 4:30 I caught movement to our right about 150 yards off. There he was, meandering through an open hardwoods. We have a spot right there that we sat in during the youth hunt, but decided to get more into the thicket with the bow tonight. Bad decision..,
He is heading our way and I lose sight of him. I have Kody up and ready with the bow resting in the downed tree we are hiding behind.
About 5 minutes passed ( seemed longer) then I hear something take off from the thicket below us. I see the tail and get the binos on him. He trotted away and slowed to a walk back where I saw him originally.
Either he spotted us or winded us, I'm not positive which, but I would guess winded. Right at that time the wind shifted from sw to se. That direction is not good at all. He came in from the nw. If the wind was out if the west like normal it might have happened tonight We smoked up, but it wasn't good enough for this wise buck.
He snuck in lower than I had hoped and never did get to see him up close, but man he looked good from a distance.
Maybe tomorrow evening...


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Kody and I had another encounter yesterday evening, but with a different buck. He came in right at 5:00 and stayed about 100 yards off feeding on a pumpkin. We were late getting in and couldn't go as far as we wanted and it cost us. It, from what I could see, was a small 8 or a 6. He just came in a little too late and never did get any closer.
We had a nice gobbler go by at about 20 yards and join up with a larger group of turkeys above us and make all kinds of ruckus (putting, purring, etc...). One was even fanned out. That was pretty cool to see.

Klay was sitting with my dad and they got skunked. They did walk up on a doe in its bed on the way in, but that was it.

We will try it again tonight.