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First off, if this thread needs moved I apologize. It's about the youth gun hunt, but wasn't sure if the firearms section was for deer hunting.

This morning started off in a fog... Literally. Kody and I hunted the top of a spoil bank with the gun hoping to cover some ground. The fog caused visibility to be basically zero until 9:00. Around 10:00 we had two doe walk through at 40 yards, but not what Kody is looking for.
My other son, Klay was with my dad on the opposite side of the property with the crossbow. They had a 3 point at 10 yards that circumnavigated the tent. He's hoping for something bigger as well. He enjoyed the close encounter nonetheless.

Fast forward to the evening. Klay decided to stay home and play backyard football so it was just Kody and I. My dad tagged along just to enjoy.
We hunted a different farm with our tent set up in the corner of a woodlot. We set up facing the woods anticipating any action coming from there and put the pasture to our backs. To our left, about 150 yards away over a rise is my buddy and his son.
Anyway, we are sitting watching the small openings between the thick cover coming from the woods focusing hard when I look to my left and standing in the open right along the fencerow is a great 130 class 8 point not 40 yards from us. He backdoored us! Shouldve known... They never do what we expect and we did not expect one to come in from an open pasture behind us over 200 yards from the other woods.
So, he stands there broadside looking into the woods we are watching and we can't take a shot because he's in-between us and my buddy and his kid. We wouldve shot directly at them. I get Kody set up with the shooting stick for the deer to pass right in front of us We wait... The buck then jumps the electric fence / scrub brush line, runs right in front of us without stopping and heads over the hill. I bleated, whistled, shouted i tried it all. When he finally stopped he was about 70 yards away and only his head was showing. I hit the can as he stood there. Nothing. I grunted. He took a few steps back up, paused, but then turned and walked away.
What a bummer. Kody has been so patient waiting on a trophy. He's passed on several doe and small bucks for this chance and the buck just wouldn't cooperate. That's hunting.
He did learn a few things though.
1. Be careful of the direction your shooting.
2. Good shot selection by not trying a running shot
3. Bucks are unpredictable
4. That's why they call it hunting.

So, the hunt continues. Damn this is fun!


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Great writeup Cotty! Quality moment with your son that can never be taken away though man!