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An addition to your Cell Phone

I don't know how survivalist-ish this is, but here goes.

Some cell phones will allow you to add a voice command feature to your contacts. If your cell phone has this feature it could save your life.

I live in Allen county, so if I were to put "Allen County Sheriff" into the voice command feature on my phone, all I'd have to do is say, "Allen County Sheriff" and it would make the call.

This could be very handy if you fell and couldn't reach your cell phone...or if you were being held at gun point. After the call is made the Sheriff's office would have to sort out what was going on, if you couldn't talk. Most cells activate a speaker phone after this call, but all phones are not the same.

You might have to try this with someone that knew you were making the call to, before attaching a branch of local law enforcement to your contacts. Just the same, I thought it would be worth posting...just because in this day and age, you never know. :smiley_chinrub: If it saves one life, it's worth it. :smiley_clap:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Do you have to press a button before you say the command? Or do you just say the command?

On the iPhone, you would still need to unlock the phone and then hold in the home button for a few seconds for it to activate the voice control. In the time I can do that, I can get in my contacts and select the right number. This would certainly be more beneficial for phones with easier to operate voice dial. And phones you don't need a bare finger (or nose/tongue) to operate!