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And You Thought You Had Bad Gas...

Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
A Michigan hospital has isolated a patient who reportedly ingested rodent poison and is now emitting potentially toxic gas, the Detroit Free Press reported.
The Washtenaw County hazardous material team arrived Monday morning at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich., and took control of the situation by isolating the patient—who’s identity has not been revealed—in a private room of the intensive care unit.
“The hospital is open, and the situation is isolated,” said hospital spokeswoman Lauren Jones. She said she could not release specifics of the case due to patient privacy laws.
Traffic through that section of the hospital has been restricted to staff caring for the patient and the hazardous material team.
Public affairs manager of Huron Valley Ambulance, Joyce Williams, told the Detroit newspaper that the patient had already been admitted to the hospital for more than a day before the hazmat team was called because of suspicious emissions.
“They were doing air purity testing,” Williams said.
The hospital issued an e-mail statement dismissing rumors that the man’s flatulence was flammable.
“Hazmat teams … here are monitoring the levels of gas in the room; the levels are not at explosive or flammable levels. The air has been tested and confirmed for low levels. Hazmat teams are continuing to monitor the levels to ensure maintaining a safe environment; the level of gas in the room is only expected to improve,” according to the statement.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/...toxic-gas-ingesting-rat-poison/#ixzz1KegqFMmd

Hahahaa, and M!ch!g@n still sucks!


Staff member
I busted ass this morning and made the dog bark! (AGAIN!) But that's just noise. Now if I make him gag, then I know I'm pumping out some toxic gas!!!