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Anonymous TC Picture Forum - Please Read.


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This forum is in addition to our regular TC picture forum. Threads that you post in this forum are invisible to everyone but staff. After you post a new thread a staff member will post your content under a generic account that everyone can then see and comment on. This new thread will contain the title and content that you chose to share but it will never be linked to you.

BUT WHY? Well, over the years we have been told by some members that they would love to post pics of a giant they got on cam, but were worried that someone may figure out who they are. No matter how valid or invalid that concern may be the result was the same, the picture was never posted. Hopefully this will give them a level of comfort to post those giants.

Really there is just one. Posting a guess or outing someone whose picture it is will not be tolerated and will result in your swift removal from this specialty forum.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to comment in this thread.
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In a bar
Just robbed this, but kinda courts to how this works. Repeat, just did an internet search and stole this pic


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Nothing. They're just giving me shit because I am a slick trick fan through and through.
Nothing wrong with that... Great broadhead... Theres another broadhead out there that says: "watch um drop".... Well every deer I've ever shot with a Slick Trick I've watched them drop... Best thing about Slick Tricks are: THEY ARE ALWAYS: "OPEN FOR BUSINESS"...