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Another Celeb From TOO


Senior Member
He makes it sound like it was the easiest thing in the world and gives no credit to us for putting up with him bitching about 130 class bucks for two months....fugger didn't putt TOO.com at the bottom of his pic either!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Kaiser...


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Staff member
Grouse?? Did you say grouse??? Whats that? that is a bird that is next to gone, if you see a grouse around my area, you better go get a lottery ticket! I have shot one in my life!!!! I got a deal for ya joe, Ill put you in my best stand for muzzy season if you take me grouse hunting down there, ill supply the dog!!!
I take it you like grouse hunting. :) i.e I'm going to locate some for you this summer to bring the dog next fall. They mostly stay in the patches of green brier but they move around.. Plus i need to see what the population looks like after last winters hard snow.