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Another Family Fishin' outting


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Central Ohio
This time we let the girls tag along. My Mom & Grandpa came back down for the weekend. We decided to go back out on Sunday morning and see if we could catch a few more fish. No channel cats this time, but the bass & blue gills kept us busy all morning. A couple even made the trip from the pond to the frying pan for dinner last night... beer batter blue gills are tough to beat!!!

This is the first time I've ever gone fishing with my Mom, and my daughter's first fish as well...

Fish On!!! First cast of the day, I set the hook and handed the pole over. My little girl took over from there and landed this monster...

No fears about holdin' it either...

My son with another one on the line...

We only kept what we could eat for dinner, and threw the others back. Even though the kids wanted to keep every single fish that was caught!!! LOL