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Another First kill


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North Carolina
Well after the first deer kill story I've been thinking about other first kills.... And one story comes too mind.... When I was around 13 I was allowed to start hunting with a shotgun going afield with my neighbor and his grandson Lee.... Up too this point it was a fiberglass stick bows with cedar shafts with field tips..... Now I was pretty accurate with the ole stick bow and got my fair share of rabbits with it..... You haven't lived until you chase down a rabbit with an arrow sticking out of it and picking up the arrow at each end and have the rabbit still trying too run away...... A real treat I tell you..... Well my Grandfather had bought a crossman 760 BB/Pellet gun for cat issues around their house and after some time I got too use it and I graduated from caveman status too a real hunter stalker on the rabbits and pheasants and the occasional qual in the woods around our neighborhood..... This was the early 70's in Youngstown..... Well that Christmas I got a Montgomery Ward 16 ga. Left handed gun..... Did I ever tell you I'm right handed rotflmao My Dad got rest his soul didn't have a clue about hunting even though my Grandfather had hunted his whole life up too about the time my oldest brother was born and for some reason stopped going but never stopped talking about his experiances going out with his buddies.... I was always glued too the hip when he was talking hunting or fishing...
Well the day after Christmas my neighbor Dutch said he was going out with the dogs and wanted too know if I wanted to go, well I dressed for it when I went to bed and was ready for it at first light rotflmao... My middle brother Mike and I get into the car and make the drive too his daughters house too get the dogs and his grandson..... We get the dogs loaded into the car and head too the fields down the road.... We were hunting a farm that is cut in half by a set of railroad tracks and there were a lot of rabbit and pheasant in that area.... Dutch's goal for the day was too get me my first rabbit with my new used left handed Montgomery Ward 16 ga. shotgun rotflmao... We hit the tracks and the dogs are on them right out of the shoot..... Bang Dutch gets the first one, bang Lee gets one, bang my Mike gets one and thats how the whole day went.... I was always in the wrong spot..... But my heart was pounding everytime the dogs got close..... They even put me in the Special spot as they called it and the rabbits never came my way.... Seems they all had their limits and I never got the trigger pulled.... Well I was walking up too my brother and Dutch's grandson and when I met up they were talking and the dogs started on another and they were hell bent on me getting my first shotgun rabbit..... They tell me too walk ahead of them in case the rabbit popped out and we hadn't gone 20 yards when my brother tells me he sees one in the bushhes just off of the tracks..... I can't see it due to the thickness of the brush.... He walks up and said right there its up against that log..... Sure as shit there it is..... I pull up click the safety off and point it at the bunny and the log watch my breathing and squeeze the trigger and boom off goes the gun the rabbit falls over and I'm jumping up and down so happy too finally break the curse of the day too get my first ever rabbit with a shotgun...... Dutch walks over and said congratulations and go get it and skinn it out.... Well I crawl throughthe jaggers and get my prize..... When I pick it up and the damn thing is stiff as a board....... WTH I'm thinking and look back to see my brother and Lee the grandson laughing on the ground..... By todays standards I'd been punked...... They found a dead rabbit and placed it in there and then walked me basically up too it knowing damn well I'd fall for it.....
That was a long time ago and I've gotten hundreds ofrabbits since and have had my own beagles since 1988...... But that one I'll always remember, and this is the first time I have ever told this story too anyone....... Another first out of the bag rotflmao.....


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North Central Ohio
That's a great story J

The pranks that get pulled in the field are priceless aren't they lol. They may not seem all that funny at the time but looking back they truly are lol.


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Good read....BTW do you all remember when JC penny used to have guns in their catalogs? Sorry, the whole M.Wards thing got me.