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Anyone catching crappies on Indian Lake yet?

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
Supporting Member
Hardin County
Just wondering, I know a 4 or 5 years ago the last few weeks in September through early November we killed the Crappies and Saugeye on Indian Lake. Ever since I started hittin the woods early bowseason I haven't done much fishing, anyone heard if they are catchin 'em yet?


Junior Member
I would say another couple weeks and they should be turning on. Its a little warm right now. All we Need is some cool weather and the crappie and saugy's will be ready to start feeding.


The Crew
Never have been to Indian Lake, maybe one of these days though.

I went to Paint Creek Lake over the weekend for a shot at some crappies but they have dropped the level so low you can't even get in the boat from the doack walkways. Sure screwed up the fishing there.

Water temps are running around 75 degrees (surface temps) maybe alittle more now with the past few days of 90 degree weather. Even Rocky Fork level is low for this time of year. We need rain!