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Anyone putting any stock in this?


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Southeast Ohio
I've been watching it. Seems like a pretty cool way to keep an eye on what's going on in your area. It may not be 100% accurate due to everyone's idea of "rutting activity" being different, but it brings a lot of data together from a lot of different hunters. More eyes in the woods = better information for me!


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SE Ohio
Like Greg said, the more input you can get, the better IMO. That's why I like when he and I are hunting different schedules. It's a benefit to both of us to keep tabs on the farm we are hunting at various times.


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It's in my desk drawer. It's been pretty close, but it hasn't effected success rates for me. I'd be hunting these days regardless.
From what I witnessed the last two days, the bucks are locked on right now. I've seen two decent 8's standing with a doe (in two different locations) and him mimicking everything she did.