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Anyone still using a sidelock muzzleloader?

I've owned several muzzleloaders, over the years and like them all...for different reasons. Shotguns, revolvers and rifles, they're all good. Don't own any at the present time, but am considering the purchase of another one.

My considerations are from a 30+ inch barreled traditional rifle (patched roundball), to a 3 banded rifled musket (Civil War era), to a modern inline of various brands.

If you could own any muzzleloader that you'd like, what would you purchase?

Thank you, Bowhunter57


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NE Ohio
As far as long guns go, I have and hunt with a Thompson, Omega in-line as well as a Thompson Hawken, flintlock.

The Omega has incredible accuracy, simple to clean, and (so far) fired in rain and snow after a day of exposure. Shoots 777 powder

The flintlock I have had for 33 years and was a kit gun I built. Over that time I have picked up quite a few tricks... Its ignition is as fast as any percussion. I shoot true black powder,patch and ball. During muzzy season I have hunted in rain and snow but have kept a oiled leather skin over the frizzen and lock. To date, it has always fired.

Having had a romance with the "mountain man" era of time, I will only shoot the ball and patch in it.
I have only used it during muzzy season. I use the in-line during shot gun week. both are 50 cal.

If I were in the market for another, it would be a smaller caliber, long rifle for hunt squirrel. probably percussion.


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Shermans Dale, PA
My next muzzle loader is going to be a Pedersoli Frontier rifle with a curly maple stock. It'll probably be percussion.

I'm kinda going back to the traditional thing with guns too. I've got an in-line that's good out to about 100 yards. That's all I need for gun season. If I ever get back to hunt ML seasons again I'd really like to do it with a real ML.


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Up Nort
Savage ML-II, get them before they're all gone. It's the only modern inline that shoots smokeless powder.


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I have two TC muzzloaders. One is a .50 Hawken that I built from a kit. The other is a TC Grey Hawk both are side lock. I shoot black powder and patched round ball.

I took up shooting black powder because I wanted to be a "mountain man" I just can't bring myself to get an inline. Just not what I got into it for. I did put a scope on the Grey Hawk because I am having trouble seeing open sights as I am getting older. Expecially in low light situations like it the deer woods.