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Anyone use a pellet rifle on Squirrel ?

Reason I ask
My aunt lives just outside of town and is tired of the tree rats eating all the bird feed
But she dosn't want me to BLAST them , as she has several do gooder neibors

So I figure I could use my RWS model 45
It pushes a .177 cal pelet around 1000 fps and is a tack driver out to 100+ feet

So I ask her to bait the area next to her deck in the AM
And when I quit deer hunting in the morning
I will head over and reduce her problem to fryed Squirrel and gravy



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NE Ohio
Not since I was a kid-Crossman C02.

Air guns have come a l o n g way since then. Some are pushing the FPS of a 22

Well the Loooooong shots were 25 feet and the closest was 3 feet
Both me and my Aunt got our limmits , taking turns with my rifle

The Squirrels though they were in doing great as she threw handfulls of shelled corn on the ground
Just off the edge of her deck

Darn things would run up
Grab some corn and set on the deck railing eating it

Sort of took all the chalange out of it
But it only took 12 pellets and just over 2 hrs

Even my 60 something Aunt that had never hunted before ( she has shot a rifle before ) , had no problem
She just used a rolled up rug as a rest and waited for a easy shot

I now have Squirrel in the freezer and a invite to kill a few more
Well not exactly a invite .....She is demanding I reduce the population a lot



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Shermans Dale, PA
Here ya go.



Tatonka guide.
john, i just got one and may do some late season plinking...it has been 15 years since i kilt a sqirrel.. time to relive what got me started..that gum you bought has plenty of power...whackum in the noodle