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Archery Club


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I heard a rumor over the summer, and it's true. There's a prof here are College that used to be an archery instructor at a summer camp and is thinking about starting an archery club spring semester. He's my advisor and also on of my favorite profs. I talked to him after class today and we talked about bows for a bit, told him about me getting into bow hunting, shooting 3d for the first time, and buying a the baby-g.


He's a trad fool! Shoots long bows and recurves, so I figure that the club will go that way. Damn it, now I've gotta get one of those and get into the trad thing too...

(If it gets off the ground and we need a guest speaker I'll let you know TF, good lord knows Coonie would come talk and talk and talk about it... and Milo, I might get getting in touch with you....)

This bow thing is getting outta hand!


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its more addicting and not near as expensive as marriage...just sayin

forgot to add....looks like your journey has begun....
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