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Are you an angry white dude?


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Staff member
You're dang right. People are crazy. They come around my place acting a fool the better have a pocket full or corks. They're going to need to plug up a few holes.


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Sunbury, OH
Angry White Dude??? Not really. A citizen tired of all the BS and take my families safety TOO heart...yes. I will not hesitate AGAIN on someone breaking into my home. I did once when I first moved into my own place and I knew the intruder (I proceeded to beat the shit out of him until the police arrived). After it happened I realized how bad it could have went. Thank God for good dogs that react to their sixth sense when I hesitated.



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Massillon, Ohio
I might not be AWD but i will not hesitate to smoke some dude who breaks into my house. I have a wife and two children to think of. I will make sure some crackhead does not and will not get one over on me.