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Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
This is my first question towards trad...I figured that I could just ask this question, or I could actually learn it!

Yesterday I was in a friend's office and she has an arrow above her door. Wooden shaft, got a sad looking flu flu for feathers, and it's got a plastic triangle rubber banded onto the business end. I asked her about it and the shaft is actually something pretty important in her family's heritage. I asked if she had a broadhead if she'd display it and she said of course. So I kinda want to learn about broadheads for trad bows and then get her one.

Where do I start? Somebody learn me.


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Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
Ask Hoot really nice Huck :D.

I bet he has a few laying around to donate to the cause and he might be able to show you how to nap one out later ;)
Huck are you wanting a flint or metal broadhead you didnt specify? i have some modoc style points i naped before leaving for basic out flint. I also have some steel trade points I made out of 1095 carbon steel. Ill send you one if thats what you want. I can tell you how to attach them too. good luck buddy
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