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Awesome scrape pic


Junior Member
Had this cam 8+ feet up this tree and have been getting phenominal pics of all kinds of bucks. The first pic is of a deer we call Triton with his triple brow. The second and third pic is of Mailbox, this year a 6x5. I found his last years sheds when he was a clean 6x6.



Senior Member
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Southeast Ohio
Sweet ass pictures man! I think it's awesome when deer stand up on their hind legs to reach those licking brances. I found a scrape the other day that the licking brances had to be 8ft off the ground.

JD Boyd

*Supporting Member*
Those are some good pics. I found a heck of a good crossing at a fence and I'm gonna put the video cam on it after ruts over with and get some good videos of them jumping it. I think it would be interesting to watch them do it in the dark.