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Back drops


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Looking for ideas for back drops to use behind my targets. The wife is starting to shot this year and I dont want to keep replacing the boards in the privacy fence around the yard. I have been using straw bales, but at 20yds its not stopping the arrow all the time.


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Southeast Ohio
1/8" Stainless Steel Plate :D

IMO, your best bet would be to buy a big bag target, like the Morrell Outdoor Bag Target, and start her off shooting under ten yards. Have her shoot there for a while and get the basic mechanics down, start developing a good anchor point, and then start backing her up a little at a time. The Morrell Outdoor Bag Targets are 3ft X 3ft, and if you start her off close, there's almost no way she can miss that target. If you teach her good mechanics, she can build her confidence without having to focus hard on hitting the target, then once she is comfortable, she can start backing up and working her way to 20.

My wife started shooting two years ago, and right off the bat, she was wanting to shoot 20y like everyone else was, but I wouldn't let her. We worked on things at close range for a long time before I let her back up, and now she shoots very well out to 30y.

Good luck with introducing your wife to archery!


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Now that my boys are always wanting to shoot their bows I need something behind the target to stop stray arrows. I never needed it before since, you know, I never miss (best Barney Fife sniff entered here). ;)

Besides a hay bale, any ideas?

I might go with a hay bale if I can locate one, but I was thinking something I could build or just an easy idea maybe one of you guys use.


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North Carolina
Cardboard bales make good back stops if you can get them, we used one for a couple of seasons and held up pretty good.... Just keep it off the ground with a pallet and keep it tarped tight when not in use....


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NW Ohio Tundra
Howabout a pole building? That's where I let my boy shoot. When he misses it just hits the back side of the steel barn.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I 2nd the "bigger bag target" idea by Greg... inside of 15 yards there would have to be major malfunction to miss the whole bag, especially the big Morrell bag.

When I got my new bow in '05, I had a medium sized bag target. I put a paper plate on the target with a circle about 6 inches in diameter. I started at 10 yards and I would not let my self move back until I had 6 arrows in a row in that circle. Then I would move back 5 yards and go again.

I always used straw as a back drop in my younger years... but couldn't stand the mess in the yard and the pain in the ass it was to haul them away when they are water logged all to hell and come a part.

My cousin on the other hand has enough back yard to where if you miss high/left/right you are still going to have the arrow in the yard. Top that with a chocolate lab that when you tell her to "fetch it up" will go find the arrow that is buried in the ground for you.