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Backyard 7 pointer found dead


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NW Ohio Tundra
Earlier in the summer I started getting pictures of this nice looking 7 pointer in my back yard........

Then in early October I saw him while hunting in the back yard with the kids and wife on 6 consecutive sits, had him less than 10 yards every time.

These pictures were taken while I was sitting with my 5 year old daughter not 10 yards away.......

Fast forward to last week...... I got home from work and smelled something rotting back in the 1 acre corn patch behind the house where this buck was living all fall......

I haven't stepped foot in there since late summer, but my curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out what the stink was........

It didn't take long and here is what I found....

Damn it, the back yard 7 was dead! He didn't have a mark on him from any arrow wounds, although there was a little bruising under his front right leg.....possibly got bumped by a car and made his way back to the corn patch and died.

He was 19-1/2" wide and had some good potential in a couple years if this hadn't happened.