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bad time for tuning issues


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Crawford county
was out shooting target last night, when all the sudden I started hitting left, and I mean way left (5 or 6 inches) nothing on the bow moved, I dont think I was doing anything different as far as form. I had been shooting pretty well and then all the sudden couldnt hit the broad side of the barn.
I did notice that the blades on a couple of broadheads were bent. I think the might have contacted each other in the target. hopefully some new blades will fix the issue.


Tatonka guide.
if I can give you some honest opinions here....i ONLY shot a broadhead once. if it hits where the field point does I am DONE..sharpen and put back..too much metal hanging in a target to get whacked by another head.


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NE Ohio
Let us know.
Posting problems and fixs can help the rest of us get back up a little quicker some times.
Lord knows I've had my share of em.
Do you number your arrows so you know its the same ones fliyng off?
Good Luck to a quick fix.


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Huron County, OH
Put the field tips back on and see what she does. If the bow is properly tuned and you were hitting the same mark with the broadheads and field points, switch back. To much to lose by shooting broadheads over and over. Check the peep, make sure it didn't move (more up/down than anything though), check all screws on the site. Give the bow a once over for anything that may have worked loose. Is your rest still in the same spot, any witness marks showing it moved?


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Crawford county
well it looks like i'll have to wait till this weekend to try shooting again. my daughter and grandkids have moved back home, and everytime I reach for the bow, I've got three small children swarming around me. It normally isnt a problem but two of them like to grab at things and I'm afraid that they might try to grab a cam or the string just as I release. a couple missing fingers would be a real bummer.

I let them take turns shooting the bb gun at a can in the backyard and that usually pacifies them for a little while but I still am a little cautious with the bow.