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Baked Squirrel


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I figure we could use a good squirrel recipe here.

Oven baked squirrel with corn and potatoes grown right in our garden. It's not hard to put a dang good meal on your table for your family that is good for them.

You don't have to be fancy with this. I used chicken broth from a previous meal, salt & pepper, and that's about it.

Slow cooked the squirrel at 225 almost all day, and then did the basics for the corn and mashed red potatoes.

Give it a try, your taste buds will thank you!

Squirrel all cleaned up in it's broth bath ready to go.

Out of the oven and ready to serve. Be careful it will be falling apart.

One squirrel per person please. (you can get seconds later, if there is any)

Keep your hands off my plate, or they will be bare bones!



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Did you cover that roaster in the oven or no? Looks delicious, man... thanks for sharing.

Judging from the pictures I can tell you with absolute certainty that he did not cover the pot. Trust me...I know this kind of stuff. :)


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Swanton, Ohio
I doan eat skerls. I kill deers and have plenty of fish. If any of you guys want to kill them in NW Ohio, you are welcome up here. I hate to just kill them and throw them in the carcass hole but I ain't feeding the fuggers!


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Dang! Evidently not...

Well ifn ya doan know nuffin. Lemme learn ya somefin then. Those blue cooker pots don't have tight fitting lids. If ya look at the rim where the lid sits you can see a couple raised spots for the lid to sit on. Why you might ask... The lid is thin and light. If the lid sat down flush on that lip the steam would make the lid dance and rattle holy hell. So the lid actually sits off the rim allowing an air gap almost all the way around.. This is why the juice evaporated and the exposed areas are browner than the others.