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Barometric Pressure - Who Hunt's Based On The Barometer?

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Having a discussion with my cousin this morning (bowhunthardin on TOO) and we were talking about the weather system moving in and how fast the barometer is supposed to drop.

He mentioned that Mark Drury says that they key in on high pressure days to hunt whitetails. No matter what the weather/precip/wind/etc, they always see more deer on high pressure days and they hunt based upon it.

A little research this morning and I found that when the barometer is rising (high pressure system), usually following a storm or other front of low pressure, the deer tend to move more often. I also found that research shows that when the barometer is stagnat, deer prefer a steady high pressure for movement rather than a steady low pressure.

With that said, how many of you whitetail hunters actually take the barometric pressure into consideration when planning a day to hunt?

Most of us I think with limited amount of time in the woods anyway, are just going to hunt the days that we are able. But this could be something we could key in on, during windy or days when there is precipitation and we think about taking a day off because of it, on higher pressure days it might be worth sticking it out.


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I think there is something to it. Just hunt no matter what the pressure, whenever I can anyway though.