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Basic Survival Skills That A Beginner Should Know


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In Ohio, it might be how to not get lost. Don't get lost, and you don't need any of those skills. Pretty much anywhere you're gonna be you can walk to a road or civilization. But water and fire are pretty basic and pretty important.


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Staying calm is a very good skill to have. I also think Ohio would be a very hard place to find yourself in a life or death situation in the lost area. This state is pretty heavily populated.

If injured, this could all change pretty quick. This is where you making a plan with someone and sticking to the plan could save your life. When going out in the wilderness, it's ALWAYS a good idea to share your plans with someone. My wife knows to make contact with the other hunters I hunt with if I don't get ahold of her an hour after dark. At the 2 hour mark she is to call the sheriff. 2 hours is a long time to be laying in the woods all jacked up...

Make a plan, stick to the plan, communication, and staying calm.


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Other than "be the possum" (which is Outstanding Joe!)

Telling people where you are is key as far as Ohio.
When I lived in SW Florida, I had a tri-county map in my den I would stick a push-pin into to mark the area I would be hunting or fishing for my wife.
In more remote parts of the country, basic first aid, fire, water and a old school compass.

BTW- Welcome to the site!
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