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Bear trap fail


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Mahoning Co.

LOVELAND, Colo. -- A beekeeper in Loveland is recovering after he accidentally shot himself with a booby trap shotgun in a box, deputies said. John Frost was shot in the hand and leg Nov. 4, according to an incident report filed by a Larimer County sheriff's deputy.

Frost told investigators a bear had knocked over his beehive the day before and ate some of his honey. Frost said he was cleaning his gun in case the bear came back.

A deputy at Frost's home said he found a suspicious-looking box with what appeared to be a trip wire near the beehive. The deputy said it appeared a bear would trip the wire and the device would go off.

The Division of Wildlife investigated the shooting, but decided not to press charges, according to the incident report.



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North Central Ohio
I bet the guy says " Well it sounded like a good idea at the time " lol.

Also sounded like the gun was a little under powered to take down a bear if he lived :smiley_blink:
He should try a big bore rifle next time lol.