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Beautiful Morning


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Here's the view...



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That is a site for sore eyes - thanks for sharing!

Good luck, shoot straight!


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Here's our "spoils" setup. We just had a 4 pt, doe, and nice 8 come in behind me at the top of the spoil, but too far to shoot from the tent.

In front of me slightly to left. Kody and my dad are in the tent.

in front to my right. I stuck a big 10 point there last year. Hit him low and lost the blood trail. I think he lived.

To my left

Behind me up to spoils


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Cotty I'm lovin keepin up with your hunts - very good stuff.
Hope the boy lays that reddot on a hawg and that bolt flies true!


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This is our usual setup. This is where we always run our camera. This is where we are this morning.

The first pic is facing south, straight ahead of me. The buck I shot this year walked right at me from this view.

To the left (west)

To the right (east). It slowly rolls down into a steep ravine.
It where my buck ran, down then up other side.