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Beaver Kabobs


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First off, this is kinda a long post, lots of pics.
I couldn't show what I wanted to without all the pics.
Here goes...

First step is catching a beaver

I used backstraps for mine, they are similar to a deer. Cooking time with the beaver meat is a bit less.

I chop up a lot of garlic when it is harvest time. One way of keeping it, is to put a spoon full in each section of an ice cube tray and top it off with olive oil,and freeze. I can pull out how many cubes I need when cooking and they slice nicely with a sharp knife.

Marinade for a few hours in whatever you like, I used Italian dressing with the extra garlic, some sea salt, and ground black pepper.

Put em on skewers and get that grill HOT!!
You want to sear these on all sides for a few minutes, and they are done. If they cook for more than 4-8 minutes, they can get tuff. I like them rare, just like a deer steak or beef.

Grill some bread and some Callaghan potatoes. (basically they are cubed taters, crumbled sausage, onion, garlic, cut up bacon, and seasoning wrapped in foil.)

I love pork and beans right out of the can with any meal...Enjoy :cool:



The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
That does look good, never had that kinda beaver myself. I italian dressing makes a great marinade, I use ton of that stuff. I hardly ever use fresh garlic when cooking, it seems I can never add the right amount. Some cloves have more kick than others. I use the stuff in a jar and have using that stuff down for most of my recipes. We were just talking last night about how much garlic I go through in a year. I love the stuff, good for you too!!


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I just began the fermentation process for 4 gallons of tomato wine.
It should be done in about 6 months.
Will trade for beaver; meat that is.


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Licking Co. Ohio
I've ate that kind of beaver several times Badger....I'd have never guessed it was that good.....Reading this, I wish I had more time to trap again. Hopefully when I retire I can go back to it........Thanks for sharing this one.


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NE Ohio
"Nice Bever"
O comon... You knew someone would post it.