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Behind the House


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Gods Country
Finding her secret spot is just the same way you stalk deer. You have to take your time and move through the bush NICE AND SLOW!!!!!! That is how you find the secret spot of your dear or with the deer.

Come on guys didn't you know deer hunting relates to everything in life.


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Massillon, Ohio
sweet pics greg..nice to know there is some good deer close to home....I gotta get my camera up, I just hate doing it cause its a cheapo with 35mm film and i have to go get it developed.

I am putting it out there saturday anyway so hopefully i can see what I can get to show up after 100lbs of corn and some apples


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Southeast Ohio
Well, I haven't got anything decent on the BEC since I got pictures of Crazy Rack back at the beginning of August. This last week has been good to me. I have had three new bucks show up, each one bigger than the last. Also, once they make an appearance, they keep showing their face.

From last night:

First buck to get on camera:

This guy showed up late last week:

This guy showed up two nights ago, and came back last night:

This guy made a quick appearance this morning. Looks to be a 9 or 10:

I dunno why, but I like this pic. Guess it's cause the sun is coming up...