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Besides the smoker.....


Junior Member
Summit County
What all do you use as far as cover scents or attractants? Are you code blue fans? What about tinks? Or do you extract your own doe urine from the bladder of a fresh kill?

I had good results with trophy blend scents last year, I would rub the deer Herd stick on the soles of my wifes boots and my boots before walking into the woods. I had several occasions where mature doe would follow our path into the woods and walk right up to the base of my tree. My wife had a doe come in and bed down 10yds from her stand after walking the same route she took a few hours before.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be beter to just use the smoker and that is it? I wonder if introducing new scents are not a good idea, even if is does not spook them, new is new and could be a hinderance.

What say you?


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Staff member
I cut the tarsal glands off does and drag them to my stand.. That's about it. I never trusted those store bought scents. I used them for a while and have noticed I see more deer without them. I have also seen them work twice. Most times though I think they are just money down the drain. Piss in a bottle, put it on a shelf for three months to a year and smell it. Deer smell hormones in doe urine to tell if they are hot. Can't tell me deer smell that sour piss and think it's the same.


Tatonka guide.
smoker and deer herd here blemas. has worked real well for 3 years now.