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big bucks down in hopedale

driving over to the inlaws to work on the car , looked over to my right and seen this deer siiting in the back of a truck , well like anybody else that gets excited about seeing antlers i stopped and asked if i could take a pic, apperently another kid that hunts with them got a 170 class buck that they showed me cell phone pics of

congrats to the young hunter



Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Well, the way I see it.... You made the name Uglykat and you catch some nice catfish right????? Well use that to your advantage and change your name to "big buck killer" see where I'm going with this???? :smiley_cheer: :smiley_blink: :smiley_bro: You only have to change it for deer season and then go back to the catfish name for the fishing season.... I'm here for you my friend..... :smiley_cheer: