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Big Holla's Family Farm

It has been a long time since I updated this so here goes!! Back on June 18 we did a ton of mowing, mostly plots but also all the trails and access points. Ran across several pics that Terry and I had taken to show how my "brush-hog" got the job done in preparation for this past weekend.

Barn Plot

Saw Plot

Sanctuary Plot

Food plot locations I did not take pics of are the Tractor Path, Rock Point, Cabin and Allen's treestand.

Here is a great comparison on how well the beans are doing this year.
June 18

August 13
The plan in June was to mow all of the plots I intended to plant, then let re-grow for a while to create a nice thatch. My theory was that once it got sprayed it wouldn't be too thick for the seed to fall down and reach the ground to grow, but it would provide thatch to hold moisture and protect the small plants as they grew. Normally I mowed one weekend and then would spray a few weeks later. Last year I tried not mowing one plot at all and simply sprayed the tall grass/weeds and planted/fertilized the same day and had better than anticipated results. I used Frigid Forage Big-N-Beasty on all 7 locations as well as either Buck.It Ready clover or Domain Hot Chic clover/chickory blend.

Barn Plot - 1: BNB & Domain Hot Chic - Approx. 0.35 acre



Sanctuary - 2: BNB & Domain Hot Chic - Approx. 0.25 acre




Saw - 3: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - Approx. 0.2 acre

Tractor Path - 4: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - Approx. 0.2 acre, includes a long trail coming into the plot
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Cabin - 5: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - Approx. 0.25 acre. The plot extends around an island of trees to the right of these pics and into a good sized area of the cornfield that did not get planted again this year.



Rock Point - 6: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - New plot and we were rushing around cutting up a newly fallen tree right in the middle of the plot. It's a corner of the cornfield that I decided to give a plot a try here as deer always use it and there are some good stand locations here. Unfortunately we did not take pics of this location. Next time I promise. Approx. 0.15 acres here.

Allen's Stand - 7: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - Very small corner of the cornfield, the farmer got real tight this year and made the size of what we could plant much smaller. No pics again. Maybe 0.1 acre or less.

All of the fields laid pretty flat after driving over them spreading fertilizer and lime. Definitely have high hopes for most if not all of them.
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Looking good, Chuck! Was a good weekend to get stuff done. Did you guys get hit with the rain last night? Looked like it got the stuff west of us pretty good.
Yes, we got rained on pretty good early Sunday morning then off and on before we left at 4 to head back home. Could not have timed it all better as we finished the last plot at around 7:30 Saturday evening.
As I mentioned in the weather thread we just didn't get the rains we had hoped for between the time we planted and up to this weekend. Literally watched the radar daily and every time the state got rain I would watch those rain bands break up, split or just completely avoid the farm til this past weekend. Jenna and I will be planning a weekend before long to head down to put up a Radix blind she picked up and a couple treestands. Probably pick up some back-up seed (maybe winter wheat or winter rye) along with a bunch of Domain brassicas (I won on a FB page contest) to try to fill those brown spots with some edible greens. Any other recommendations for late plantings let me know.

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